February 28, 2024

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What the Best Detox Shampoo to Pass Drug Test for Weed is?

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When that time of the year comes and you need to do the drug test to pass and continue working in your company, you know that it’s not going to be easy. You must do something that will cover the tracks, and if you’ve been actively taking illicit drugs, you know that this isn’t going to be easy.

You will need to use the best shampoo that removes THC if you want to see the file from the testing saying “negative”. To know which one is best, and how to do the test perfectly, you first need to learn more details about the entire process.

In this article, we’re sharing some information on the testing itself, but also about what is a detox shampoo, and how to find the best one on the market at this moment. Keep up to see what information we have to offer for you!

How the test is performed?

There are several options for employers to choose from. There’s the blood, saliva, and urine test aside from the one we mentioned, the hair follicle one. They all have their pros and cons. Somehow, employers always choose the follicle option.

This is probably because this option is the only one providing results for up 90 days behind. If you’ve been taking some of the most popular drugs out there, it will take around three months for the substance to get out of your system through the hair.

The follicle testing is done very easily. The person performing it does not need any special requirement. The sample can be taken in the office. You will be asked to sit still and with scissors, the official will cut a piece of your hair and take it to the lab. See more about how this test is performed on the link.

In the laboratory, the lab technicians will go through the samples and see what you have built up in them. Most of the stuff there is normal. Everything we consume can be found in your hair. From your lunch, to what type of drink you had in the bar two months ago. Drugs, of course, are part of the list if you had any in the last 90 days.

To be sure that the list of results will not have a forbidden substance inside, you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo made for this purpose. You should get a detox shampoo that is made for getting rid of the narcotics.

What is detox shampoo?

Detox shampoo is a specially made shampoo that helps with this problem. It is designed to get inside the follicle and wash away everything that there is built up inside. The only problem is that you need to use it over and over until you manage to do it perfectly.

Aside from the regular ones in the ads you see every day on social media and elsewhere, these are far different. They are made with special ingredients that are different than ordinary ones. Learn in details about these types of shampoos on this link right here: https://fmahealth.org/detox-shampoo/.

Since they have the role of destroying built-up drugs inside our system, they are not being sold freely in the market. The only place you can find them is the internet. Check out which ones are available, and what the three most popular and best ones out there are:

1. Aloe Rid Old Formula

When you look at the price, you understand why this is at number one. The Aloe Rid Old Style is sold for over $200 per bottle, but the results are outstanding. The manufacturer guarantees you’ll turn out negative if you follow the instructions.

The instructions say that you need to rinse your hair for 14 days and do it as much as four times a day. If you do this for two weeks, your test result will surely be negative. If you don’t rinse regularly, then you might get positive.

For years, and now even decades, this has been the only solution there is on the market when taking care of the drug problem before testing is in question. Getting it is a sure way to stay safe.

2. Zydot

At number two is Zydot. Side by side with the previous one, and also on the market for a long time, it is still being used by millions. Although not showing as spectacular results as the first option, it comes for a much more affordable price, which makes it even more popular.

With the original bottle of shampoo, you can get conditioner and other solutions that will help you preserve the health of your hair. This one’s very strong and it may damage your hair, so the manufacturer made something to go with it and protect you.

3. Folli-Cleanse

This one’s new on the market. Unlike the first ones, this is trying to fight its way to the top. Will it make it, we will wait and see. What is important here is that it has a great foundation to do it. It is made of some ingredients that are supposed to guarantee its great work.

This shampoo contains triethanolamine inside, which is a very strong ingredient. It has a PH of over 10 in just 1% of the solution. That means it will destroy everything that is inside the hair with ease. The only issue is that you need to use protection solutions too, to make sure you don’t burn everything from the skull up.


Three great detox shampoos, an explanation about how the test goes, and a couple of tips on what is a detox shampoo; that’s what we offered above. If you’re in front of the challenge called hair follicle drug test, you must know these things.

Go through the details and hit the search button online to learn more about how to find these products. Remember, they are not available in supermarkets, only on the internet.