September 29, 2023

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Have you ever questioned why fluoride is in our drinking water? I get a great deal of concerns from all of you on this topic and I have been meaning to generate about it for a lengthy time. Mellisa Gallico is right here to share all about the risks of fluoride and its hidden relationship to a prevalent difficulty: zits.
Melissa is no rookie when it arrives to study. Get a load of this bio…she graduated with honors from Georgetown and has a masters from the College of St. Andrews in Scotland. She’s a previous armed service intelligence officer, a Fulbright Scholar, and an FBI Intelligence Analyst.
So how did she arrive to be a fluoride professional? As with most of my visitors, it is mainly because she experienced to tackle overall health problems personally. Consider a hear and if you want to hear far more from her, verify out her two interesting books The Hidden Trigger of Acne and F Is for Fluorite.
Episode Highlights: The Hidden Bring about of Acne breakouts

Why the largest air pollutant is becoming added to our drinking water source
The reason there is a pesticide in your toothpaste
What happens when we are uncovered to too substantially fluoride
The stunning resources of hidden fluoride you may well not know about
Why fluoride might be the rationale for pimples and pores and skin issues
The legitimate history of fluoride and how to steer clear of it
Why rooster may perhaps be a source of fluoride exposure
A explanation to only use organic chickens (and avoid processed hen like hen nuggets)
The sad fact about tea (all teas?)
Why kombucha could be sabotaging your health

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